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The Amazing Truth About Quality Pet Food

Quality Pet Food

The health benefits from quality pet food A growing school of thought in the pet food industry, is the term ‘functional food’. The dictionary explains the meaning of Functional Food as ‘a food containing health-giving additives’. Many new studies are now determining not only the benefits of Functional Food in our human diet, but also…

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Why Raw Pet Food Could Change Your Pet’s Life!

Cat looking at food

The Great Benefits of Raw Pet Food When we think of the great benefits of raw pet food we usually associate that with dogs and their need for quality meat. After all, dogs are associated with the same breed as wolves and are well known as carnivores. The Surprising Facts About Cats What is somewhat…

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Raw Dog Food

Raw Dog Food - Alert Dog

The oldest, most natural diet on the planet! What comes to mind when you hear the words, ‘raw dog food’? It might conjure up ideas of puppies frolicking in open fields, flower power or something else less desirable. But when you do a little scratching beneath the surface of ‘raw dog food’, you find something…

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The Low Down on Offal

Low down on offal

Offal is the word used for organ meat from animals. Offal is a great source of essential vitamins and minerals and is also a tasty treat for your fur baby. Our pets love variety, and offal can be a great way to give them new tastes while also adding to their vitamin levels. The organs…

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Buy Pet Food Online

The Classic Feeder Box

Convenience The Internet! One of the greatest inventions of our lifetime. Originally started as a way to share information and research between computers, it now covers every imaginable market on the planet. We are privileged as pet owners, to have the option to buy pet food online. You may think it’s a unique thing to…

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Best Puppy Food For Your New Puppy

Best Puppy Food - Cute Puppy

Welcome to the family of puppy owners! This little package of cuddles and cuteness, commonly arriving around Christmas brings a whole lot of joy and a whole lot of responsibility. Just like new parents, many of us are unprepared to provide for the needs of this furry bundle. Any parent of a newborn will tell…

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Best Dog Food

Best Dog Food - Dog happy and content after eating healthy dog food

Here at Raw and Natural Pet Supplies we sell the best dog food. We love receiving feedback on our products and service, we have so many customers who love our range of pet food and the convenience and fast delivery to their door. We all know how different food groups affect our health, and how…

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Pet Food Delivery

Pet Food Delivery Cat Waiting

As humans, we are made to forage and hunt for food, and our ancient ancestors were the best at finding fresh food to look after their families. Fast forward to current generations and our quality of food is a lot harder to find and a lot more expensive. Most of our everyday produce has been…

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The Truth About Australian Pet Food

Cat and Dog Eating Pet Food

63% of Australian Households Have a Cat or Dog. The RSPCA statistics say that about 63% of Australian households have a cat or a dog. The dog is the most popular, with 19 dogs for every 100 people and 15 cats for every 100 people. If you are one of the lucky owners of a…

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5 Benefits of Raw Premium Dog Food

Healthy Dogs Premium Dog Food

What is a Raw Diet? A raw diet for pets comprises fresh and raw foods. While there are different types of raw diets, the most popular and beneficial types consist mostly of raw meat/fish and raw bones, mixed with fruits and vegetables. It is also good to give yoghurt, eggs and offal a couple of times…

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Why Your Dog is Begging for a Raw and Natural Diet!

Dog Chewing Raw Bone

Why is a Raw and Natural Diet for Pets Important? It’s that time of night, and your faithful furry friend wags his tail in anticipation for what you’re about to feed him. You look into his big shining eyes and you feel a little guilty as you serve up a very ordinary, processed can of…

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