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Dog Food

What you feed your dog can have a significant impact on their health and well-being. Poor quality dog food can cause digestion issues, an unhealthy coat, even teeth and gum issues. Let’s not forget the increase in trips to the vet if your dog should fall ill from eating poor quality dog food.

Feeding your dog healthy dog food unsurprisingly has the effect of maintaining good health for the dog because much like a human diet, a dog’s well-being is tied to what it eats and of course a dose of good old-fashioned love and exercise in the backyard or local park.

When purchasing dog food online, there is no real way of knowing what the product you are buying has as its core ingredients. There are many types foods that are not recommended in a dog’s diet, such as white flour, some carbohydrates and artificial food colouring. Chocolate is definitely out of the question! But without knowing the manufacturing procedures, how can you be sure what you’re feeding your beloved dog is the best thing for them?

Our warehouses are based in the western part of Melbourne and our raw dog food is made from the highest quality ingredients and manufactured with one objective; to provide the best possible dog food for your dog, so they remain healthy for as long as possible. We source all our ingredients locally and our suppliers share the same core values we do.

Our range of dry dog food is made with the best ingredients that are fresh, healthy and sourced locally. Our packaging is all food-grade in quality and also done locally. Our attention to detail and strict adherence to producing only fresh dog food for your beloved pet means we won’t compromise on quality. We don’t manufacture and sell dog food to anyone that we are not prepared to feed our own fur babies. That is the promise we make for all our dry food, wet food, treats or anything else you purchase from our store.

At Raw and Natural Pet Supplies, we take great pride in offering the best service in dog food delivery Melbourne has to keep its hungry dog population happy and healthy. With our no-fuss courier service and great range of the best raw dog food products on the market, its like healthy Uber Eats for your dog!

Check out our range dog foods below.

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