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Grain Free Food

Grain Free Food

Grain free pet food is quite simply the best possible for food, in terms of quality, that you can feed your pet. Our ranges of grain free dog food, grain free puppy food and grain free cat food are manufactured using only the finest raw ingredients, and are free from any corn, wheat or any genetically modified product. Our products are sourced locally, from local suppliers and packaged in ‘human-grade’ bags right here in Melbourne and distributed to our loyal growing customer base all over Melbourne and its surrounding areas.

Since our ancestors began domesticating dogs and cats many hundreds of years ago, the food they invariably fed their pets was similar to what they were eating. Whatever leftovers were at the dinner table, that is what the family pet ate.

But prior to that, the digestive systems of carnivorous animals like dogs and cats evolved to digest meat; it is not very well-equipped to handle grain-based foods like corn and wheat and in some cases, it can even lead to allergies or illness.

Not all dogs or cats who eat grains will experience digestive issues, or allergies, similar to lactose intolerance in humans – it does not affect everyone.

However, as humans have changed their diets over the decades, so too have the ingredients and philosophies that have gone into the creation and marketing of dog food, cat food, puppy food – basically any pet food – to align with our new found “understanding” of what is dietary acceptable and or sustainable.

It is no coincidence that the market for grain-based pet food began to increase with similar trends associated with human dietary requirements.

Dogs and cats are carnivorous animals and thus require meat to provide them with the best possible nutrients to maintain their optimum health. This is dictated by evolution and not by human dietary fads so we as responsible pet-owners should be very careful about the quality of food we feed our beloved pets.

Our range of grain free pet foods are manufactured from the highest quality produce and packaged locally. Our couriers can deliver your products all over Melbourne – often with same day service if you order is received early enough.

We believe that grain-free pet food produces the best type of dog food, cat food and puppy food that is not only healthy, but something that your beloved fur babies will love to eat, and will provide them with the best nutrients so they remain healthy and with you for as long as possible.