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Cat Food

It is said that while dogs have masters, cats have servants. Many cats are quite picky about their food and for some, only the best sort of food is all they’ll eat. We know of some cats who will only eat the type of meat that a human would! Cats are also known to be exceptionally good hunters – often spending their nights prowling their neighbourhood in search of a tasty morsel. Many a cat-owner has been confronted with a ‘gift’ from their cat in the form of a bird, mouse or other small creature that has fallen prey to a hungry cat.

Whilst not all cats will hunt like this, a cat that is well-fed with tasty and nutritious food is less likely to spend its time on the hunt.

When purchasing cat food online, it can be a challenge to work out what the best product is for your beloved kitty. Kittens have different requirements to cats and just like dogs, the younger the cat the more energetic they tend to be and thus a more nutritious diet is going to be better for them.

We have many types of raw cat food available, ranging from our health roll for cats and kittens, chicken and kangaroo-based grain-free pellets and of course a salmon-based product. All our products are manufactured and packaged locally and shipped by our couriers often within hours of receiving your order.

All our products are sourced locally and shipped from our warehouse located in the west of Melbourne. We offer same-day delivery service (depending on the time of the day your order) and can supply you with an ongoing delivery of cat food at times that are convenient to you. Simply sign up for our subscription model and our staff (and of course couriers) will do the rest.

No matter where you and your beloved cat (or cats!) live, we delivery all around Melbourne and its suburbs, from the western and northern suburbs right down to the Mornington Peninsula. Our happy customers (and their masters) continue to purchase from us every day because they know we only offer the best quality in raw cat food made from only the finest ingredients.

You have found the right destination to purchase your cat food, as we are the most ethical retailer of online cat food Melbourne has at your disposal. Contact us today for more information, or go ahead and purchase your preferred product. It’ll arrive in no time!

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