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Pet Food Treats

Dog treats are a great way to train your dog to be more obedient and basically behave the way you would like them to. This sort of “reward-based” activity lets your dog know that if they essentially do what is expected of them, they’ll get a yummy treat.

Reinforcing good behavior in your beloved dog using dog treats can be as simple as giving them a treat when they learn how to “sit” or “heel” – two commands that are particularly useful if your dog is prone to becoming over-excited when out for a walk, meeting new people or playing with other dogs.

Whilst it is not encouraged to “over” reward a dog, having very defined boundaries with what you will allow your dog to do is a good thing because it ensures your dog will be well behaved and you won’t arrive home to find the kitchen bin strewn all over the place. Our range of dog treats and cat treats a sourced from the finest products and are manufactured and stored in our primary warehouse located in the west of Melbourne. Our couriers deliver our products all over Melbourne and service can be as soon as same-day pending on how early you get your order in.

Our range of treats are delicious and healthy – the best dog treats Melbourne dogs will always  roll over for!

(we don’t recommend trying to train cats……they never listen J )

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